Monday, 4 August 2014

Summer Skirts

With the summer holidays in full flow I have only little time left for sewing. So I decided to whip up a few quick and easy summer skirts. I used the circle skirt app from By Hand London to calculate my waist radius and adjusted the length of each skirt to my own preference.

First up a 1/2 circle skirt using a left over piece of jersey from my Elisalex dress. As far as skirts go you can't get it much simpler than this. One seam for the back, one seam to attach the elastic waistband and since this jersey does not fray at all, hemming is completely optional (I'm lazy so I didn't!)

I followed pretty much the same recipe for my next skirt only this one is a 1/4 circle in a lighter weight blue floral jersey. Sooo comfy!

Next up is a maxi 1/2 circle skirt in a cheap floral poly blend. For this skirt I had to add a regular waistband and an invisible zip. It was cheap fabric mainly bought because I loved the print and it draped nicely but it was a nightmare to sew with. It kept snagging, would not submit to even the least amount of ironing, the waistband interfacing did not stick and after three failed attempts at properly hemming the skirt I got fed up and just used my overlocker instead- meh. I still like it as a handmade alternative to a skirt bought from one of the cheap chain stores. But this one most likely will only survive one summer.

Must try a half circle maxi again in nicer fabric next time as I really do enjoy wearing a long flowy skirt!

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely summer!

x Leila

Monday, 16 June 2014

Little House Pouch

A little while back I was contacted by the lovely Lindsay from Zakka Workshop Patterns. This publishing company translates popular Japanese patchwork patterns into English making them more accessible to us non Japanese speaking folks. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to try out some of their patterns for myself, all of the projects looked super cute!

I made the house make up case.
I'm usually much too impatient when it comes to following the written instructions on a pattern, especially when it comes with pretty colourful diagrams like these do, I tend to jump straight in and start sewing. But since I was to leave a review I made sure to follow the step by step instructions carefully. The written instructions combined with pretty diagrams that include all the measurements make constructing this cute little pouch a breeze. There are templates included for all the patchwork pieces which can be traced onto the fabric or copied onto freezer paper for reuse.
There is a ton of hand sewing and hand quilting involved which makes this little pouch a perfect portable sewing project for summer.

I really enjoyed adding all the little details to my pouch and  it gave me a little distraction from the painful recovery after having my final wisdom teeth extracted - ouch! (Almost back to normal now it's been over a month - woe is me)

The patterns are available for purchase here.
Keep an eye out for Zakka Workshop Patterns if you have been looking high and low for Kumiko Fujita's long out of print Patchwork 318 as they will be reprinting the translated version sometime in the future!!

x Leila

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Liberty Quilt

I'm over on the Liberty Craft Blog again with a tutorial how to make this quilt!

I have forever wanted to make a whole cloth quilt and couldn't think of anything better than beautiful Liberty fabric to make one with :-) I chose some of my favourite Liberty Tana lawns to work with since this quilt is all about the fabric. It's so soft and cosy it has quickly become our favourite 'snuggle up on the couch' quilt :-)

This is a fun, beginner friendly project for those new to quilting and a satisfying quick make for those more experienced.

If you've never made a quilt before and the prospect of making a ton of patchwork blocks seems a little daunting still, this would be a great quilt to start with!

Find out more here.

x Leila

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Jamie Jeans

I feel like starting this post with an "OMG you guys... I made frikkin' jeans!!'
It's not modest and all but I am so very proud of my latest make :-D
I love making pretty dresses but the reality is that in my every day life I pretty much always grab jeans and a tee for comfort and practicality. Now I get to do that and wear handmade I'm excited!

Jamie Jeans

Pattern: Jamie Jeans by Named
Size: 38ish
Alterations: yes
Fabric: black Stenzo stretch jeans and faux leather contrast pocket detail.

The Jamie Jeans are from the first collection of sewing patterns by Named. I really loved it when it was first released but since I had not installed a zip fly in well over ten years I wasn't so confident I could pull it off on instructions alone. With the release of their latest collection however, the designers have kindly included updated instructions with diagrams and all sizes are included now in the PDF files.

The only downside is that there are just two sizes per pattern sheet. I so happened to fall between a size 36 and 38 and they are not on the same sheet! So I had to print and tape two full pattern sheets to be able to grade between the sizes,  lets just say that wasn't ideal. And in retrospect I'm not entirely sure I did it right or that I needed to grade between the sizes at all. I was worried a 36 would be too tight around the waist creating the ever flattering muffin top. But my pair is rather loose around the waist and hips. I did add the belt loops so I can wear these belted, hiking up your jeans is not very ladylike now is it ;-)
Next time - and there will be a next time for sure! - I will make a straight up 36 and see how that goes.

Jamie Jeans

Like I mentioned before I had not installed a zip fly in over a decade and never made jeans before so I took to the internet for help. I found these step by step pictures very helpful, thank you for sharing JenniferR!
I used proper jeans top stitching thread which I do think makes the finished jeans look more polished and professional. I did struggle a little with my thread tension using this thread, by the time I got it right I was nearly done.

If like me you haven't sewn your own jeans yet but really want to I can highly recommend you just go for it!  The Jamie Jeans are really not that difficult and the confidence boost you'll get from sewing them is well worth the effort!

Jamie Jeans

 All my favourite picture taking places have been taken over by paint buckets and workmen, I quickly had to vacate the outdoors as I feel self conscious enough posing without an audience! Sorry for the grainy quality my camera does not cope well with indoor lighting and some of these are over exposed on purpose to show more of the details.

Jamie Jeans

One pair down, I think many more to come!

x Leila

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Pattern: Archer by Grainline
Size: 2
Alterations: none

While I was sewing this shirt I realised I have never ever sewn a button up shirt before. Most of the techniques involved weren't totally new to me but it was a first nonetheless. I think I did pretty good!

There was endless fretting over matching up the plaid fabric, which was a total steal at only €1 a metre it's a soft cotton or cotton blend (not sure) not quite brushed cotton but it comes close.

The Archer shirt pattern has been around for a while which gave me a chance to browse through the various versions and pattern reviews. I noticed that on most the sleeves sit quite low, since I have rather narrow shoulders I decided to go down a size in the hopes of getting a more fitted look. It did not work out entirely the sleeve still hits a tad low and in hindsight I believe I'd have been better off choosing my regular size for a more relaxed fit. The shirt fits me perfectly however and I didn't need to make any fitting adjustments so I'm just nitpicking over details now!

I found the sew along posts most helpful in constructing the bits that were new to me, sleeve vents, collar stand it all came together really well.
Sure I made a few mistakes, I sewed the buttonholes in the wrong way on the sleeve cuffs but we'll just won't mention that ;-)

I added a little Liberty to the inside yoke, the prints clash together in a way that I find most pleasing :-)

It's not exactly a party dress but I still get to wear something new and handmade for my birthday :-)

x Leila